Message from Executive Partner

Hifzul Amin Chowdhury

Our Mission gives us both stimulus and direction. It is the result of powerful motivations that inspire the work for new thoughts and the empowering employees who provide the ideas and contacts that make our work possible and meaningful.   First, the Convoy Engineering values guides decision making and challenges to put the needs and well-being of the people we serve first. Secondly, the association with the country’s largest MNCs, Govt Bodies, NGOs unites us in a desire to improve lives. We summarize the combined effect in our Mission; aiming to make sustainable, long term differences in engineering solutions by investing in strategic partnerships and innovative solutions that add value to society and impact people’s lives. Back in 1997, our key priorities were ‘Exploring New’. That journey took us to new heights in the fields of construction & engineering solutions for both individual and corporates. Initial years, we worked on that very foundation, establishing contacts and creative ways to fulfil our Mission. We also strengthened our team by making various new appointments that enable us to develop and implement specific services that will enhance our overall effectiveness.

Message from Managing Partner

Mehdi Amin Chowdhury

During the transformation in last two decades, we gone through different circumstances and I also like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to the many people in the partnerships we support for their work, their commitment and the inspiration they provide, and to the people in the Operating Companies who contribute to our activities with ideas, time and knowledge.

Looking ahead, innovative solutions, entrepreneurial people and unlikely alliances will play a central role in the future of the Trust. We shall identify new opportunities to pursue the fulfilment of our Mission, using the impact of our support as a main driver in the selection process. In particular, internally we will focus on establishing a process framework and further developing the services we offer. We hope we will continue to positive changes in the society with our work. Stay safe and secure.

Taimur Hossain Bipul


Mahmudun Nabi Murad


Mohammad Mashukul Isam


Md Jashim


Foyez Ahmed


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